This is the most radical, revolutionary and spiritual project that this land has ever seen


After all our own programs and efforts, all the church programs, efforts and outreaches, our land, cities, towns, churches, homes and people are in very big spiritually, economical and financial trouble. WE know that something has went terribly wrong. We have gone astray and loose our way.

We began on March 2015 the ministry of the Prayer Oven in our town and called it "Randfontein on your Knees".  We organized several Prayer Rally's where we prayed for our town and get the body of Christ together, distributed thousands of Prayer Oven books to the schools and churches, but that was not enough. We do not get breakthrough's. We asked the Lord about it and said we want a total move of His Holy Spirit in our town. Please come and take control, and we will follow. 

He said "Give Me the FREEDOM of your town". WOW!

We immediately wrote the Freedom Decree. We have rolled it out on Wednesday 10 January 2018 and is busy taking it to all the churches and will focus on it during our next Prayer Rally's.

But we know there is more

We ask you to plan, organize and implement this powerful, radical and revolutionary action in your own city, home town, church, home and personal life. Use the Freedom of Randfontein charter below and put your town/city name and logo in and start organizing the project. Make it your own project and take it to all the churches, schools and people in your town.  

Please give us feedback if you are going to take part!

The following towns is busy with this project and have already rolled it out:

Randfontein West Rand

            AGS Middelvlei - Past Henry Sinclair
            Woord en Lig Christen Kerk  - Past Abri Erasmus
            Jesus is Lord Christian Centre - Past Thomas Maphosa          

Middelburg Mphumalanga

            Pentecostal Protestant Church Lofdal                

If we give the Freedom of our town to the Lord Jesus Christ, then we must also start with ourselves and follow the steps to make an impact on the whole of SA

Freedom of myself to the Lord Jesus Christ    

Freedom of my house to the Lord Jesus Christ 

Freedom of my church to the Lord Jesus Christ 

Freedom of my town to the Lord Jesus Christ      

Freedom of South Africa to the Lord Jesus Christ          

Lord we have hindered your Holy Spirit through the years that He can do His healing and restoration work and anoint us according to your will. Now oh Lord, I give to you the Freedom of my heart, my home, my church, my town and my country. Move in your own miraculously way and pour out your Holy Spirit upon us.

If you are going to take part or want more details: Contact Danie 082 218 5530 or

             FREEDOM OF RANDFONTEIN 2018  

Prayer Rally 12

Sunday 11 March 2018      4 pm AGS Middelvlei, Randfontein

Prayer Rally 13

Sunday 15 April                    4 pm Jesus is Lord Christian Center, ZENZELE

Prayer Rally 14

Sunday 13 May                     4 pm (will be announced)

Prayer Rally 15

Sunday 10 June                    4 pm (will be announed)


Freedom of Randfontein - English version
Freedom of Randfontein Eng.pdf (358.82KB)
Freedom of Randfontein - English version
Freedom of Randfontein Eng.pdf
Freedom of Randfontein Afrikaans version
Freedom of Randfontein afr.pdf (374.85KB)
Freedom of Randfontein Afrikaans version
Freedom of Randfontein afr.pdf

Prayer Rally No 10:

Sunday 12 November 2017 5pm at Jesus is Lord Christian Centre, ZENZELE, Randfontein was Prayer Rally No 10. Danie with 14 Pastors reading the Declaration that Randfontein is the City of Jesus Christ the Lord.