Beginning To 2016

The Founder:


Pastor J G (Hansie) Henning was born on 17 May 1940 in Brakpan. He is the 3 child of pastor Jan Victor Henning and the grandson of pastor J G Henning who was one of the founders of the AFM Church with John G Lake in 1908. 

Pastor Hansie was called by God from his mothers womb to serve Him in the full time ministry. From a very young age the hand of the Lord was upon him in a mighty and wonderful way. In his first years of ministry he was the full time organizer of the well known Evangelist Rassie Erasmus. They evangelize the whole of South Africa with mighty tent crusades and God was working with them in a miraculous way to pray for the sick and win the lost for Jesus. Thereafter he worked with Philip Gerber who followed up and took the ministry over. 

Pastor Hansie went into the full time ministry and was ordained in April 1960 in the Apostolic Faith Mission and serve assemblies in Springs, Louis Trichardt, Vryheid, Middelburg and Witbank. He was also the chairman of the AFM Mphumalanga. He was full time evangelist in the Northern Free State and Eastern Transvaal. After retirement the Lord gave him a great vision for the whole of South Africa and Africa. He established Judea Harvest in 1980 and the main aim was to evangelize the whole country through the planting of blue and white tent churches and raise up pastors and evangelists to win souls and plant churches. Tent number 3000 was dedicated on the 18 February 2017 and millions of people have been reached through this ministry. Judea Harvest is a multi million ministry and reached out to the people of South Africa with pastors training, food support, snap churches, tents and Bible distributing. See Since dr Louis Blom took over this ministry pastor Hansie heard clearly from the Lord to take PRAYER to the people of this land. This was not a new ministry because he was already for years busy with the Prayer Tower and Prayer Force in the RSA. He established the PRAYER OVEN ministry and is busy taking it to the whole country and outside like Indië, Botswana, Lesotho and many other places. Middelburg Mphumalanga is the center place of the huge Prayer Ministry from where it is spread all around to churches, schools, cell groups, farms and every individual person. In the center of this town there is a big Cross and a big stone Altar. It is here where the burning heart children of God came along and pray for every town, city, the government and any situation. Two times a week plenty people, 150 and more, are attending a prayer service and Pastor Hansie give them food packages with the supporting of many helpers. AFM Woord & Lig in Boksburg, pastors Ronnie and Renaldo Barnard church is the main supporter of this Prayer Ministry. Prayer Ovens were planted throughout the land and are expanding this Prayer Ministry. The slogan is South Africa On Your Knees and with this organization and the influence and anointing of the Holy Spirit, it will soon be a possibility. 

PRAYER OVEN: Our Inner Room of Prayer in Middelburg, Mphumalanga. This site was given to pastor Hansie Henning by the Municipality where he planted the first Prayer Oven.

Branches:  Look what the Lord is doing in Randfontein, West Rand where this Prayer Ministry is going places, and already nine High Schools were visited with distributing 10 000 Prayer Oven books to every student and thousands to this town citizens. See web:; Facebook: Prayer Oven Randfontein. The Lord bless you.